We were introduced to a company that manufactures metal-based items, many with artistic designs for use in the home or garden. A significant portion of their sales are made overseas, predominantly to the United States. The company’s growth was being hindered by the seasonality of the business, which meant that sales during the summer outweighed production capacity. 


The company needed to have a large stock in place by the end of March to ensure supplies last throughout the summer months. However, the financial burden of maintaining such a large inventory was becoming increasingly challenging. 

How we helped 

We provided a £250k flexible Export Finance facility, which enabled the company to have sufficient stock in place to cater for the busy periods. The cash could be drawn in tranches as and when it was required, providing the company with the flexibility it needed to manage its cash flow effectively.


Our facility has given the business considerable peace of mind in being able to plan for the busy periods ahead, knowing that cash flow is there exactly when needed. This support is a testament to our commitment to helping businesses thrive in the face of new challenges. 

Social or environmental impact 

This deal is an example of our facility allowing a company that contributes to the artistic and home decor industry to continue to grow and expand its reach both domestically and internationally. This aligns with our mission to support businesses in their growth and expansion efforts, contributing to job creation and economic development. 

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