After what seemed a long six week campaign, the UK election saw the widely predicted Labour landslide finally come to pass.

It is to be hoped that this conclusive outcome, though widely expected, will bring some element of economic certainty to the UK economy and allow SMEs the confidence to make and go ahead with plans to invest in and grow their businesses.

There has been some evidence of businesses taking a “wait and see” approach on occasions in recent weeks and it is to be hoped that with the election now behind us, further growth across key economic sectors will soon become evident.

The Institute of Export and International Trade outlined key trade takeaways from the Labour manifesto.

  1. Rebuilding EU Relationship: While pledging to keep the UK out of the EU, its customs union, and single market, Labour aims to “make Brexit work” by improving the UK’s trade and investment relationship with the EU. This includes negotiating a veterinary agreement to prevent unnecessary border checks and facilitate smoother movement for UK musicians within the EU.
  2. Defence Sector Opportunities: Labour emphasises trade opportunities in the defence sector. To maximise these, they plan to ensure resilient supply chains, promote innovation, and support industry to benefit from export opportunities, all while upholding international law.
  3. Industrial Strategy: The manifesto commits to establishing an Industrial Strategy Council, aligning trade policy with industrial priorities. This sectoral approach will identify where the UK has advantages over other countries.

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At Newable Commerce, we understand the challenges faced by SMEs. Our working capital solutions are designed to empower SMEs:

  1. Flexible Funding: Whether you need to manage cash flow, invest in expansion, or explore new markets, our financing options provide flexibility.
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  3. Growth Opportunities: As confidence grows under the new government, seize the moment to invest in growth. Our experts can tailor solutions to your specific needs, ensuring you have the resources to thrive.

With more certainty, businesses have greater confidence to invest and grow. With our commitment to small business growth and our tailored working capital solutions, Newable remain ready to support your journey.


About Newable Commerce

Newable Commerce aims to simplify international trade for the UK’s roughly 300,000 exporting SMEs.

Simplifying international trade” is the core principle that guides everything we do at Newable Commerce. We’re not just tackling current problems; we’re completely rethinking what trade finance means. Our goal is to fundamentally change how customers think about trade finance, proving that it can be simple and efficient, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

Newable Commerce exists to simplify international trade for SMEs. We do this through a range of products and services that enable businesses to move and manage funds internationally and optimise cash flow through our working capital debt products.

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