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Growth Funding

Business loans to support your medium term growth plans

Growth Funding

We provide debt based growth financing to enable your business to invest in a long-term projects and growth. Growth funding loans available for up to 36 months.

Quick application and decision
Pricing from 1.5% per month
Terms of up to 36 months
Up to £300,000
Unsecured options available
No early repayment fee

Product overview

Longer term funding for businesses looking to invest in assets, growth plans and stock.

Secured and unsecured loans for businesses looking to grow, from 1.5% per month.

Growth loans provide a longer term financing option to businesses. Flexible repayment terms and no early repayment charges allow businesses to tailor repayments to their cashflows.

  • Up to £300,000 available for 36 months
    Typically up to 10% of turnover available and the business must be able to service the repayments.
  • Pricing from 1.5% per month. No early repayment charges.
    Arrangement fee of up to 2%, which can be deducted from the loan.

  • British Business Banks Guarantee schemes available

  • Secured and unsecured
    Available secured and unsecured (with personal guarantees).

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Aceon Group


“I had to borrow money very quickly to buy stock in Germany, or the opportunity would be gone,” he says. “I needed £100,000 within seven days, so I approached UK Export Finance, and after some initial discussions, they put me in touch with Newable Business Loans Limited.” It was a very slick and easy process. I’d recommend it to other SMEs.”

Copeland Distillery


“We’ve definitely had our struggles and our challenges,” says Irvine. “That’s where UK Export Finance came in, to support that hard growth stage we were faced with.” “They set up a General Export Facility which allowed us to purchase US stock among other things,” he says.

Giffard Newton and Sons

Managing Director

“They’ve also been very supportive in entering new markets. And even if it’s a market such as, for example, Iraq, which is a very difficult one for them to support from credit terms, they have put together alternative ways that they can support us.”